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CLRadebaughChris & Lucinda Radebaugh

Chris was born in Ohio and accepted Christ as Saviour at a young age.  His life was filled with church youth group, revivals, preaching, and multiple opportunities to learn the Word of God.  At 21 years of age, he had decided God wanted him to be a youth leader and had applied to study at Baptist University of America in Atlanta, Georgia.  In the spring of 1982, he met a Deaf choir from Temple Deaf College in Peoria, Illinois.  The team leader spoke to the church about using their hands to help the Deaf hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  This so touched the heart of Chris that he applied and was accepted at the college.

Lucinda was born in Kansas and grew up in Nebraska.  Lucinda accepted Christ as Saviour while attending Hammond Baptist High School in Hammond, Indiana.  She attended the Tennessee Temple University in Chattanooga, Tennessee and then transferred to Temple Deaf College in Peoria, Illinois.  Lucinda has taken multiple classes in Christian counselling and provides trauma, crisis, and general counselling to Deaf ladies.  Her training has opened the door to many opportunities to help Deaf young women and to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Chris and Lucinda met at Temple Deaf College in Peoria, Illinois in 1982.  They married in 1984 and began serving the Lord together at Calvary Bible Baptist Church in Marion, Ohio. Chris accepted a position as Pastor to the Deaf at Trinity Baptist Church in Findlay, Ohio.  It was at Trinity that Chris and Lucinda answered the call to foreign missions.   They served 4 years in Kenya and have served in South Africa since 1995.

Chris and Lucinda have three daughters:  Lynette, Hannah, and Jennifer.  Each live with their families.

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